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Magic Hour 1.6

It's not even close what the most requested feature is. In Magic Hour 1.5 we added the ability to add additional locations other than your current location. When's Paris's magic hour start at the Eiffel Tower? Is Sydney in magic hour right now?


But that's not all. With our handy new calendar button, see the magic hour times for the next year. If weather is available, will show you the forecast for the immediate next few days.


But wait, there's more. Say you are shooting a wedding on Saturday at the Shoreline park and you want those photos to pop. Add that location to Magic Hour and click on the date for the wedding. We will put that magic hour right into your calendar so you know when that photoshoot needs to take place with a link back to the app. Your customers are happy, and you are happy. And that makes us happy.


You get all of the above for a low price in-app purchase. We think you will find it extremely useful.


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