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How can I start an immediate location update?


You can force Magic Hour to update your location by pulling down on the screen. Updates can only happen if your device in online and you have allowed Magic Hour to use your location.

I got this message "Update Location Denied" 


Magic Hour requires permission to access your location. This message means permission for access to location for Magic Hour was not given. You can reset the permission in the Privacy section of the Settings App.  If you still receive this message after allowing Magic Hour access, make sure that location permission is not denied for the entire device. Verify that Location Services=ON in Privacy section of the Settings App.

Why am I getting the message "Our algorithms are not working correctly"?


If the location chosen is relatively close to the north or south pole, the days or nights can last all day and there is no magic hour transition from day to night.  This is especially true around the summer and winter months. If you press the calendar button you can scroll through the dates and see when regular magic hours will occur.

Why didn't the weather show on the screen?


If weather is not showing, we were not able to connect successfully to the weather forecast web service. This could be because your device is not online or the weather service is not responding correctly.  We check periodically to see if a connection can be made.

Frequently Asked Questions about Magic Hour



I got this message "Your notifications have expired"


"Your notifications have expired. This is your last one. Please run Magic Hour to resume the notifications.". This just means you haven't run the Magic Hour app in a while and the notifications have run out. Simply run Magic Hour again on your phone and the new notifications will be created.

Why does my new location have the wrong time zone?


When you select a new location, a web service call is made to determine the time zone. If you are offline at the time or the call doesn't return on time, the time zone is not picked up and the local time of the device is used. Periodically an attempt is made to get the proper time zone so eventually it will be correct.

How do I select a location on the map or enter a latitude and longitude?


You have a couple ways to select locations. You can use the search bar at the top of the map and enter a location name (i.e., Paris) or the latitude and longitude (i.e., 47.6, -122.3). You can also hold and press on the map and a pin will drop on the location you have selected. If you are not online, you can still search by latitude and longitude or by pressing the map. Once chosen you can change the name "New Location" to whatever you would like.

Why can't I add a calendar event to my current location?


Current location is always changing and notifications work better for that situation. If you would like a calendar event for the current location, make a new location and make the calendar event from there.

My notifications/alerts don't work or stopped showing


Magic Hour must have permission to send notifications. You can reset the permission in the Notification section of the Settings App. Find Magic Hour and turn Allow Notification to On and Sounds to On.  It's also possible that notifications have expired. See below.

When I try to create a Calendar event, I get the error "No default calendar set".


A default calendar needs to be set in the device in order to add Calendar events. 


From Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Default Calendar choose your default calendar.

Are you tracking me?


We are not. Please see our Privacy Policy. Magic Hour does not send any data from the app outside of the device. 

The app crashed immediately


Make sure you are running Magic Hour 1.6.3 or later. We fixed a bug that occurred in certain regions with certain settings.


If this still does not resolve the issue, please contact us and we'll look into it.

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